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Cold Calling Techniques that Really Work

In today’s growing climate of economic insecurity, it is absolutely vital that people in sales be at the top of their game. Many companies reward their employees based on pure success and performance as opposed to guaranteed salaries. One of the most difficult parts of being in sales is landing initial appointments and getting a foot into a potential customer’s door.

Stephan Schiffman’s Reputation

Stephan Schiffman is a very well known corporate trainer who has written several books in this area of sales. In Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), Schiffman outlines important first interaction scenarios that come along with building client bases and helps alleviate any possible barriers that may arise. Although technology is very important, it also inhibits some sales people from making contact with decision makers. For example, it is very easy for individuals to screen who they talk with through voicemail, email, cell phones, and other technologies. He addresses each one of these barriers and finds ways to overcome them.

In addition to these aspects, he also gives insightful instruction on how to generate leads so that the sales person can build a base of contacts. Through this he gives comfort that the dreaded word “no” that comes along with sales is actually a stepping stone for ultimately achieving success. His instruction is based on statistical facts and each no means the sales person is one more sales presentation away from receiving a “yes.”

Writing Style of Schiffman

Schiffman writes in a tone that is easy to understand and gives anyone willing to use his advice an advantage in sales. He provides superior, performance backed knowledge and is very useful to someone willing step out of their comfort zone and try. For any salesman or company that utilizes cold calling as their main way of generating leads and sales, this book comes highly recommended.

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